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SQ 2021 Entry Form 參加表格

Deadline 截止日期:

11:59pm, June 13, 2021 (溫哥華時間)

Online Finale

July 31, 2021

Awards 獎項:

  • Champion 冠軍歌曲
  • 1st Runner Up 亞軍歌曲
  • 2nd Runner Up 季軍歌曲
  • People’s Choice 我最喜愛原創歌曲大獎

Prizes 獎品:

  • Total cash prizes $12,000 & other valuable prizes
    全場獎金總值 $12,000 及其他豐富獎品
  • Final entries will be submitted to Media Asia Music for consideration

Things You Need for Application 報名所需資料:

  1. Completed Entry Form 填妥之參加表格
  2. Entry Song 參賽歌曲 (MP3)
  3. Lyrics Sheet 歌詞
  4. Application Fee 報名費 CAD$15 (plus 5% GST 加稅)

*SQ2021 Terms & Conditions

If you are using Internet Explorer (Windows) to submit the application, the minimum version that works with this website is version 11.
如果使用瀏覽器 Internet Explorer (Windows) 報名, 請用版本 11 或以上。

Song Title 歌曲名稱

(If the Song Title is in Chinese, please provide an English translation that will only be used on English press release; if the Song Title is in English, then no translation is needed. 若歌曲名稱是中文,請附上英文翻譯作新聞稿之用;如歌曲名稱是英語,則無須提供任何翻譯。)


Composer 作曲者

Composer #1 will be the contact person of entry song. 作曲者 #1 為參賽歌曲聯絡人.
Number of composer 作曲者人數

Lyricist 作詞者

Number of lyricist 作詞者人數

Performer 演出者

Number of performer 演出者人數

Upload 上載

Entry Song 參賽歌曲 (.mp3, bit rates 128 or 160kps)
Lyrics Sheet 歌詞(.doc, or .docx)

付款 Payment

CAD $15 Application Fee plus tax payable online. Make sure the name and address are that of the credit card holder. 網上以信用卡繳付加幣 $15 加稅的報名費,請填上信用卡持有人之姓名及地址。
I have read and agree to the terms and conditions
Fairchild Radio shall not be held responsible if the Contestant’s entry or application cannot reach Fairchild Radio before deadline due to technical reasons such as internet performance. 如因網絡線路繁忙或其他技術原因,而令參賽者之電郵或表格未能在截止日期前傳送到本台,本台概不負責。

Fairchild Radio shall retain the Contestant’s information for the purpose of coordinating the "2021 Canadian Chinese Song-Writers Quest". All information shall be kept confidential and destroyed when the Event is completed. 加拿大中文電台將保存參賽者資料用作 「SQ2021 加拿大中文歌曲創作大賽」之用。所有資料將絕對保密並於比賽結束後銷毀。